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The school welcomes and encourages parent and carer participation across a wide range of activities. We encourage parent feedback and dialogue through our newsletter to create a welcoming, safe and positive environment. Parents and carers have welcomed the regular newsletter and have made positive suggestions for the school/home communication strategies. The parents have become more actively involved in bringing their children to school, staying for a chat and a cup of tea as well as attending our daily gathering and end of term events and performances. The school has listened to a number of carer suggestions and initiatives and put them into place. One suggestion was for the children to learn First Aid; we have planned for this to be conducted in Term 3 each year. The parents also emphasised the importance of land and country and the children’s value of this so we have introduced recycling programs reducing waste and learning how each of us can care for our own space.

Due to our contact with Northcott, many families are being supported with respite packages which gives an opportunity for the children to be provided with services and support outside the school.

Warwick aboriginal liaison officer

Warwick aboriginal liaison officer

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